Innovative Disc Design

The conical design of the discs allows their working angle relative to the soil to remain the same, regardless of wear or working depth. By pairing improved design with the highest quality steel, we’ve created a component that performs much better and lasts much longer than a typical concave disc.

concave and conical

Conical Design Benefits

  • Ensures the same working angle is maintained irrespective of wear or working depth.
  • Provides good crumbling of soil, decreasing the need for post-tillage soil preparation.
  • Produces fine soil, which means less evaporation.
  • Does not pick up stones.



Notched Discs

Adding notching to the conical shape allows soil to flow through the tool, creating a bed for weeds to germinate. And the quicker they’re up, the quicker you can cut them down. Because the notches are milled rather than die-cut, the cutting surface of each disc is more efficient and the disc keeps its shape longer.


The choice of four disc sizes (18, 19, 20 and 22 inch) gives you the best opportunity to manage your field conditions. Each disc is mounted on a rubber-cushioned arm, which provides better contouring, greater precision and better flow-through of soil and residue.


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