One Arm – One Disc

Unique Configuration

The shape and positioning of the disc arm allows soil and crop residue to flow through more efficiently. Also, each disc is suspended on its own arm. This increases the penetration capability of the discs while improving the ability of the machine to follow the contour of the ground.




Built to Last

The disc arms are forged rather than die cut, for better wear. In addition, all cylinder fittings are engineered to resist stretching the fitting holes. It’s a two-part system which increases precision and greatly extends the life of your machine.


Low Maintenance

The maintenance-free and practically indestructible rubber suspension absorbs most impact. This increases the working life of discs and bearings as well as the main frame.


A Straight Run

The discs are positioned in an X-shape, which means that lateral forces cancel each other out and give the machine neutral geometry. The result? A dead-straight run behind the tractor – essential when using GPS control and a great advantage in sloping fields.


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