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Seed Hawk Inc. Announces New CEO

Seed Hawk is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Nigel Jones as the Chief Executive Officer of Seed Hawk Inc. at Langbank, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Effective Tuesday, October 24th, Nigel Jones, Seed Hawk’s current Vice President of… Read More »

Seed Hawk AgriTechnica Contest Winners

(Langbank, SK) Agriculture is an industry that is known for consistently changing year after year. New innovations in the equipment, crop and livestock sectors are constantly being developed or improved. An important aspect of being an… Read More »

#HawkSighting & #HawkEmergence Results

News Article – Aug 21 2017


(Langbank, SK) It’s natural for every business owner to be proud of the work they’ve done in creating a successful enterprise. Long hours and hard work can accumulate to the point of causing undue stress,… Read More »

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