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March 7, 2017

Seed Hawk Dealer Training

(McTaggart, SK) The population of McTaggart, SK grew by approximately 100 people as Seed Hawk hosted their third annual edition of the iCon® training for technicians from the various dealer networks.  For two full weeks, the Seed Hawk Service team was pleased to host 90 service technicians to train for the upcoming seeding season. Beginning on February 1, 2017 and wrapping up on February 15, 2017, personnel from around Western Canada and the US Northern Plains gathered to take part in Seed Hawk’s yearly service training sessions, which allowed many technicians to see, and get their hands, on the new 2017 Seed Hawk Seeder technology for the first time.


Seed Hawk Dealer Training

Seed Hawk Product Manager Ryan Nichol discusses the Fenix III Seed Meter updates


The technicians were given a first hand look at the newly launched Fenix III metering system, which was very well received. Service Specialists were also trained on the revamped electrical system which was upgraded to ensure consistent, reliable performance as well as the updated hydraulics which were enhanced to better suit system needs.


Seed Hawk Fenix III Seed Meter

The new Fenix III Seed Meter


Attendees were also given a refresher on the iCon Wireless Control System including electrical, hydraulics, system operation, blockage system operation and SCT® operation.


Seed Hawk iCon Wireless Control System

The innovative iCon Wireless Control System


“The overall sentiment in the room was one of optimism and confidence that our partners from Väderstad have offered their expertise and years of successful farming equipment manufacturing to perfect the technology to minimize down time,” said Chris Bettschen, International Business Manager with Seed Hawk. “The technicians were impressed with the amount of time and energy spent researching and testing the new Fenix III metering system which  endured many hours of testing in the lab as well as acres and acres of testing in a variety of field conditions in Canada and Australia. The upcoming season looks bright for Seed Hawk owners.”


Several of the attendees at this year’s service training expressed how impressed they were to see the amount of work behind-the-scenes to perfect the technology in the Seed Hawk Seeding Systems. They are all excited to see the seeding systems working to their full capacity this spring and are wondering what the growers will do with their downtime. The overall theme of the training was bigger, better, stronger and, by the technicians’ reactions, the service team from Seed Hawk certainly delivered.

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